2M Shared / Non-Protected Repeaters

Coordination Standards
The purpose / advantage of SNPs is provide pairs for community or small area repeaters where no 'standard' pairs are available.

Class of Repeater
Shared / Non-Protected

Coverage Radius

Protection Radius
25 Miles

The standard for testing the repeater's coverage radius shall be a mobile station with a center of roof mounted
antenna, with an ERP of 10 watts. This can be a radio at 15 watts with a quarter-wave antenna or a radio at 6.5 watts with a 5/8-wave antenna. Using this equipment, a mobile station is inside a repeater's receive coverage
radius if the system is receiving the mobile station at least 80% copy, 100% of the time. For testing repeater
transmitters, a mobile station using a 5/8-wave antenna is inside a repeater transmitter's coverage radius if the mobile station is receiving the repeater's transmitter at least 80% copy, 100% of the time.
All tests should be made at average terrain, during non-enhanced band conditions.

Specifications for 2M SNP Repeaters

Frequencies -

Power Out -
Tower Height -
Antenna -
Coverage - 

Radius of Operation-

(4 Pairs)
TX (Out) - 145.210 / RX -.600
TX (Out) - 145.230 / RX -.600
TX (Out) - 145.250 / RX -.600
TX (Out) - 145.270 / RX -.600
25 watts maximum (from duplexer output)
No more than 100 ft. AGL
No more than 6 dBi gain
No 'long range' repeaters allowed on SNP frequencies
No 'mountain top' sites allowed
Protected to 25 mile radius only

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