***NEW INFO***
MARCH 14, 2015


The REPEATER LISTINGS have been updated and as correct as they can get without further UPDATES!
PLEASE, look them over and send in UPDATES on your systems, if they are listed as needing them!

As stated on the homepage, we are working on a NEW site and hopefully it will be much more user friendly.
Until then, we are keeping this site 'live', now that we have control of it again!
You can email me with any questions you may have about yours or any of the listings.
THANKS! 73, de W5LVB




At the Annual ARC Membership Meeting on September 16th, 2006,
the Membership / Board voted to REQUIRE MANDATORY UPDATES of ALL systems, every (3) years.
The breakdown is as follows... Any UPDATES are due, to the Coordinator, by December 1st of each year.
This will allow time to processing and have it ready to upload for publication in the ARRL Repeater Directory.
Any UPDATES NOT received before December 1st, will NOT be guaranteed to be published in the ARRL RD.


If you see a system listed and are the SPONSOR or TRUSTEE of that system, you are requested to file an update with the Coordinator as soon as possible. If you see a system listed and know the system is OFF or was NEVER implemented, please pass that information to the Coordinator.

ALL updates should use the ARC form and be filled out COMPLETELY!
Forms with "no changes" WILL NOT be accepted.

Also, please be sure to include a GOOD e-mail address for either the SPONSOR or TRUSTEE.
This will help the Coordinator, in case contact is needed to verify any information on the forms.

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