Release of Coordinated Frequencies

Licensees who terminate their coordination on assigned frequencies for any reason, with the intent of not resuming such operation, are requested to notify the Coordinator within (30) days of the cessation of their operation and surrender the frequencies involved. The Coordinator shall then entertain requests from eligible applicants for the reassignment of those frequencies. The Coordinator may immediately
reassign the frequency to any applicant, on a 'first come / first served' basis.
No individual may hold a frequency pair for future use.

Notification of Unoccupied / Coordinated Frequencies

If any amateur operator finds an unoccupied / coordinated frequency, said amateur may file for
coordination of the potentially abandoned frequency. To qualify for reassignment under this section, the frequency in question must be abandoned for a period of no less than (30) days. The amateur
requesting the abandoned frequency must file a new "Coordination Application" with the Coordinator.
The application must be clearly marked "request for abandoned frequency" and indicate the data upon which the applicant first determined that the frequency was potentially abandoned. Upon receipt of the
application, the Coordinator shall notify the current sponsor of the coordination in question by Certified Mail. Upon such notification, the current coordination holder shall provide verification that the system has returned to operation within (60) days. Failure to return the system to operation within the allowed time period shall result in the revocation of the original coordination. Upon revocation of the original
coordination, the pending application for the abandoned frequency shall be processed and given first consideration for the specified frequency in advance of any other pending applications.

Grandfather Clause

Any coordination issued prior to 1994, shall be unaffected by these guidelines excepting that any
request to modify such existing coordination must comply with these guidelines. 

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