Any individual or organization desiring to establish a repeater system should first make a
request for coordination, in writing, to the Arkansas Repeater Council, Inc. (ARC).

Application Procedure

Upon receipt of an Application for Coordination, the ARC Coordinator shall attempt, within 60 days, to process the application and respond to the applicant. In the event the application is DENIED, the
Coordinator shall include an explanation of the DENIAL and outline possible alternatives to the

Repeater Construction Period

Upon APPROVAL of a request for coordination, a period of (180) days is allowed to place the repeater into operation. Operation is defined as "fully tested repeater operation from the final repeater location or site". If the system is not in operation after this construction period, the coordination is automatically
withdrawn. IF however, during this (180) day period, the applicant determines that he will be unable to place the repeater on the assigned frequency into operation, he may request an extension of no more than (60) days. If the construction and Installation of the repeater system is not completed within this
extended period, the frequency assignment is automatically withdrawn. The applicant may then re-apply for the coordination, but there is no guarantee that the previously coordinated frequency will be available.
This allows for efficient use of valuable spectrum and ensures that frequency pairs are not wasted by holding assignments for protracted periods when applicants fail to construct in a timely manner.
The applicant must notify the Coordinator in writing at the time the repeater is placed into regular
service for the applicant to retain coordination.
If a previously constructed repeater system is rendered inoperative for more than (60) days, the Sponsor must notify the Coordinator, in writing, of the failure of the system. The Sponsor will have (90) days to return the repeater system to the air. The Sponsor will notify the Coordinator, in writing, of the date the system is returned to operation.

Modification to Existing Coordination

Any modification or change in the ORIGINAL coordination (i.e.- TX Power, Ant. Height, ERP, Location or Frequency) will automatically void the coordination. Deviations allowed are set forth in the Coordination Guidelines, however the Coordinator must be notified within (30) days of any "allowed" changes.
If a repeater is to be moved from its coordinated location, the Sponsor of the system must file a new "Coordination Application". The Sponsor must clearly state on the application that it includes a "request for relocation". Upon receipt of the application, the request will be reviewed. The Coordinator will
confirm that the proposed change in location meets all the criteria set forth in the Coordination Guidelines.
If it is determined that the proposed relocation of the repeater will not conform to the applicable coordination guidelines, the application for relocation will not be granted. The Coordinator must reply in writing within (60) days of receipt of request. Under NO circumstances will the Sponsor begin operation of the repeater system prior to receiving an approval of the "change of location" from the Coordinator.

Transfer of Coordinated Frequencies

A frequency coordination may be transferred under certain conditions. If a coordinated repeater system
that is currently in complete operation is sold, the Sponsorship will transfer with the repeater system.
Any such sale or transfer must include the actual equipment that comprises the repeater system. Both the original sponsor and the new sponsor must sign an agreement to transfer the coordination and
forward a copy to the coordinator within (30) days. As the SPONSOR, not the TRUSTEE, holds the
coordination of any given frequency, any change in the trustee of any coordinated repeater will not be
grounds for the revocation of a frequency coordination. The Coordinator must, however, be notified in
writing of a change in trusteeship within (60) days.

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