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The Arkansas Repeater Council, Inc. welcomes you to our web-page.
We hope the information helps you to understand the
Coordination process and the guidelines used to implement your coordination.
We will be continually working to update / upgrade this web site to better serve the Amateur Community in Arkansas.

This page will be used to communicate Council business and happenings with it's
Members. It will also be used, in the future, to communicate pending coordination
(status) information with applicants. This should save on phone calls and time spent e-mailing, to check on applications.

Members, Owners and Trustees!
There is now a YAHOO Group for the ARC.
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***!!!*** ARRL Repeater Directory Update ***!!!***
After much headache and information thrashing, the ARC Repeater Data has been converted to the NEW ARRL RD Format and uploaded to the vendor responsible for publishing it.
I do NOT promise 100% corect enrty information in this next RD edition, but it should be close!
The RD is going to be in a whole new format and not as you may be used to.
At the present time, I do not have access to the online ARRL DB and must wait until they open the new DB files to editing before I can make any changes. This will most likely happen AFTER the RD goes to the printer. Sorry for any errors, they will be corrected as soon as possible.  73, BK

!!!!!  NEW e-mail address for COORDINATIONS !!!!!
AS of June 01, 2011, there is a NEW  E-MAIL address for sending COORDINATION FORMS and CORRESPONDENCE to the Coordinator. Please make this change in your e-mail addresses.
For COORDINATIONS and associated correspondence, please use .
 For NON-ARC business, please use  .

If you haven't updated your system information in the last (3) years, PLEASE do so NOW!
Check the REPEATER LISTINGS page and see if your system or a system near you is listed and furnish FULL updates ASAP! Any systems NOT updated in '06-'07, will NOT be published on the website listings or in the ARRL RD in upcoming years.

ALL systems are REQUIRED to update every (3) years, as of 2007!
If there is NO update received in a 3 year period, the system will NOT be listed on the website, published in the ARRL RD and will be removed from the ACTIVE database.
This will be the final steps before DE-COORDINATION!
UPDATE forms are available in .pdf and MSWORD formats on the ARC Homepage menu.

Minutes of Arkansas Repeater Council for 03/02/13

The meeting was called to order by President Don McDaniel at the Russellville Hamfest.
Minutes of the previous meeting were made available to the members.  A Treasurer’s Report was made.
The Vice President, Dennis Bedene, had nothing to report.

Coordinator’s Report

Bob King reports no big substantive changes this past year.  There is the possibility of a couple of UHF repeaters coming open, as the owners may be getting out of the repeater business.  With the UHF band almost full in Arkansas , this possibility is good news.

Several 220 MHz repeaters have been coordinated, as well as P25 / D-Star systems.

Bob notes that a number of repeaters have changed hands recently, and owners are reminded that if any parameters (including current owner) are changed, then the Arkansas Repeater Council is to be notified.

Relations with our neighboring coordination entities continue to improve, especially with Texas .  Sometimes Oklahoma and Missouri report back the same day.

There were general questions from the floor for Bob.

Bob says there were some problems with the FTP server during the time the ARRL would have been doing a “snapshot” of our database.  This means there possibly could be some errors when the Repeater Directory comes out.

Discussion from the floor

There was a discussion about dues, with no action taken or proposed.

There being two Board vacancies, nominations were opened. 
Wayne Mahnker was re-elected, and John Hale was elected to replace John Goswick. 
Both these elections were by acclamation.

Moved and seconded: That the co-channel coordination distance be decreased to 90 miles. Also, due to increasing congestion in all bands concerned, that within five years, that current systems will be required to accept interference or “tone” both receive and transmit.  Discussion followed on how this will affect our neighbor relations, and if any more repeaters could be expected.  Bob stated each case would still be treated on an individual basis, and that he expected our neighbors to do the same.  Motion passed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Members signing the roster:

David Doty N5XF

Dennis Bedene N5XMZ

Bruce Lantz N5EMT

Rory Bowers K6CKS

John Hale AE5AR

Jim Golden K5MID

Armstead Feland AE5OQ

John Samuels W5ATW

Wayne Mahnker WA5LUY

Jesse Bear WX1DX

Joe Giddens N5IOZ


A total of $110.00 was collected in dues.

  Submitted by J.M. Rowe


Minutes of Arkansas Repeater Council for 03/03/12

Arkansas Repeater Council Minutes, submitted by J.M. Rowe on behalf of Gerald Hogue.

Meeting called to order by Don McDaniel,President. 
Dues were collected from those present, and a roster was passed to record attendance.

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted with one correction to an errant call sign.

Vice President Report (Dennis Bedena): Nothing to report.

Treasurer Report: Approximately $4200.00 before today's collection.

Gerald Hogue has declared himself to be ineligible for membership on the
Repeater Council because he no longer is in the repeater business. The PO Box the Council
uses actually belongs to the Faulkner County Club, so no action is needed on our part. 
They will happily forward any mail to the Council.

Frequency Coordinators Report (Bob King):
There have been no big actions, but several applications have been acted on. 
Bob spoke about coordination issues with our surrounding states, but notes that things are improving with Texas. There have been no 220 MHz applications, and no applications for a digital system. There was a discussion regarding link frequencies. Members are reminded that Bob keeps up with them, but does not coordinate them.
There was general discussion about paper repeaters; and the feeling is that while the situation is
improving, there are still more to be found. Bob explained that while the Arkansas Section of the
ARRL has a forum where members may post comments about repeaters, official updates still
must be sent to him as the rules require.
A motion came form the floor to require all repeaters in Arkansas to encode and decode access
tones of some sort, with a 5 year time frame. The motion died for lack of second.

Election of Officers and Board members:
Nominated from the floor and elected for a 3 year term to the Board by acclamation:
James Carnathan and Joel Echols.
Nominated from the floor for the Office of President:
J.M. Rowe and Don McDaniel; with Don McDaniel elected for a 2 year term.
Nominated from the floor for the Office of Vice President and elected by acclamation:
Dennis Bedene for a 2 year term.
Nominated from the floor and elected for the Office of Secretary Treasurer by acclamation:
J.M. Rowe for a 2 year term.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was passed.

Respectfully submitted from the Russellville Hamfest 2012,
J.M. Rowe


Minutes of Arkansas Repeater Council for 03/05/11

1.      Called the meeting to order, welcome, sign-in sheets were passed, and introductions given:

President - Don McDaniel, WA5OOY (elected 2010 for 2 year term)

Vice President - Dennis Bedene, N5XMZ (elected 2010 for 2 year term)

Secretary/Treasurer - Gerald Hogue, AE5GH (elected 2010 for2 year term)

Frequency Coordinator - Bob King, W5LVB


Wayne Mahnker, WA5LUY (elected 2010 for 3 year term).

JM Rowe, N5XFW (elected 2009 for 3 year term)

*Joe Giddens, N5IOZ (elected 2011 for 3 year term)

*David Doty, N5XF (elected 2011 for 3 year term)

John Goswick, W5JLG (elected 2010 for 3 year term)

James Carnathan, N5AD (elected 2009 for 3 year term)

*Elected at the 2011 annual meeting

2.   A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the 2010 Annual Meeting held at the Mena Hamfest. Motion passed.

Dues ($10/year) and coordination fees (waved).

4.   The Treasurer reported that we have $3500 in the bank.  And that’s not including what we’re taking in today. Bob King gave me two checks that came from ARRL so that will be another couple of $200. That gets us close to $4000 in the bank.  

5.   Report from VP – nothing to report.

6.      Frequency Coordinator’s report.

a.      At the 2010 annual meeting at Mena there was discussion about repairing the coordinator’s laptop because of major problems and weren’t sure it would make it.  It didn’t. Hard drive failed to boot. Joe (N5IOZ) offered a temporary machine from surplus. I have taken delivery of that. But in the interim before getting a new machine, I had an IT pro in Hot Springs pull the hard drive out and capture the data base program as it was, and then pull the program off the hard drive and put in a new hard drive and backload it on here. I spent $100 instead of $1200.

b.      Several new applications and updates have arrived in the past couple of months. I denied at least three because the frequencies are already in use.  One application was for a set of frequencies but applied for them in reverse, so 146.700 in Pine Bluff  is safe.  Have several moves, repeater sales or keeping at same locations, trustees, de-coordinations and moves to close-by locations.  I don’t know of any obvious ones unless someone brings to attention for de-coordination.
Simplex repeaters and links – I have yet to get anyone at MACC about guidelines.  Nothing is written by MACC. Anytime anyone puts up as a repeater, obviously those have to be coordinated. I would like to suggest we keep track of coordinations for simplex repeaters and links. If you have a frequency on your system that you’re using as a link simplex, it should be included on your application and update so they can be entered as an active linking channel.

c.        Bob asked for questions concerning coordination and the web site.

·         Q - member:  Are you going to publish that?  
No, unless the membership asks us to.  There are a couple of link channels that I do publish because they are repeaters and a stand-alone repeater, but there are several that I do not publish. They are in the database but not published.  If simplex is via Echolink on vhf/ uhf, that’s not going to be coordinated.  

·         Q - member:  What about 900 ARC requirements on a 900 repeater?
Just do the application process.

·         Q - member:  Do we want to put this on our website?
Yes, when I get the minutes this will go on there. It will be in the minutes.  
Reminder that starting in ‘07 we required that everyone update every 3 years, so if you have not done so in ‘07 or last year, then they are due immediately.
You can get on the database, on the far right and it will show anything active as to when things are updated.
A discussion was held concerning requiring people to post contact information and a coordination letter 'on site'.  When no one can find a document on file they can go to the station and pull it up.  The council passed years ago that we strongly suggest toning on all systems and suggest that older systems do it as soon as possible.
For any new systems that come online after that date, it is required.  This is for input and preferably on output, also.

·         Q from guest:  What does the council think about having APRS guidelines for simplex?  
We can state “best practices” for it, but I know there are some practices used where people use certain 'toggles' that tie up the system and don’t need to be there.   It slows the system down.  What about putting it on the website and up for discussion?  Send in comments.  We can make decisions on

·         Q before adjournment: Are we saying central Arkansas has no more vhf repeaters?  Narrow banding system?  
We voted to use SERA’s band plan for DIGITAL, no narrow banding has been discussed.

A motion was made and seconded to put a question on the form asking if the applicant’s equipment is capable of narrow banding. Motion passed.


A was motion was made to adjourn. Motion passed.


Memberships renewed:


Bear, Jesse                                         WX1DX  
Bedene, Dennis                                   N5XMZ
Burton, Travis W.                                KB5ILY
Carroll, George                                   N5GC
Carroll, Josh                                        N5JLC
Diamond Lakes Area Skywarn          WX5XOT
Doty, David D.                                    N5XF
Feland, Armstead                               AE5OQ
Farmer, Charles                                  NX5V
Giddens, Joe                                       N5IOZ
Goswick, John                                    W5JLG
Hale, John                                           AE5AR
Hogue, Gerald                                    AE5GH
King, Bob                                            W5LVB
Mahnker, Wayne                               WA5LUY
McDaniel, Don                                   WA5OOY
Overturf, Paul                                     KB5FOQ
Puckett, Dan                                       W5YM
Samuels, John                                     W5ATW
Seeley, Noel                                        K5NES
SPA ARA                                            WB5SPA
Wolf, Jr., E. Glenn                              N5RN 



Minutes of Arkansas Repeater Council for 09/11/10



Minutes of Arkansas Repeater Council for 09/12/09

1.      Called the meeting to order by Don McDaniel, welcome, sign-in sheets were passed, and introductions were given:

President Don McDaniel WA5OOY (elected 2008 for 2 year term) - present

Vice President Glenn King N5GK (elected 2008 for 2 year term) - present

Secretary/Treasurer Gerald Hogue AE5GH (elected 2008 for 2 year term) - present

Frequency Coordinator Bob King W5LVB - present


*Buddy Busby WY5AR (elected 2006 for 3 year term) - absent

*Dennis Bedene N5XMZ (elected 2006 for 3 year term) - present

Chuck Bishop WB5GFA (elected 2007 for 3 year term). Chuck mat be selling his repeater and if so will no longer be eligible for ARC/Board membership.

JM Rowe N5XFW (elected 2007 for 3 year term) - present

Ron Lynch K5NP (elected 2008 for 3 year term) - absent

David Doty N5XF (elected 2008 for 3 year term) - absent

*Need to elect Board member

Dues paid members present:
Dennis Bedene
George Carroll
Joshua Carroll
Don  Hale
Gerald Hogue
Bob King
Glenn King
Don McDaniel
J.M. Rowe
Ouachita Amateur Radio Assn

2.      Dues ($10/year) and coordination fees (waved).

3.      Treasurer’s report was given

4.      Vice Present report - none

5.      Frequency Coordinator’s report.

a.      Repeater application process explanation and status was covered.

b.      John Cary in Clarkesville wants a D-Star exemption to check for co-channel interference testing of the SERA Digital Plan

c.       Bob handed out a copy of the SERA Digital Plan and it was discussed on how to implement it into the ARC plan. As far as I know, we only have (1) 440 system in the state running digital. There is the ICOM repeater in Mena running the D-STAR system, in 'demo' mode, at his QTH, but it was never coordinated. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to use the SERA plan and to try not to have co-channel interference in frequency assignment and possibly frequency changes if needed. Bob was asked to stay in touch with SERA about any future changes to their plan.

d.      A motion was approved to send $100 to SERA.

e.      Verifying/announcing AGAIN about the drop from 120 miles to 100 mile separation standard. It will be in the minutes, but want to make sure everyone in attendance gets a good dose of the change. Has been a lot of rebellion on that over the years.

f.        Re-announce the MANDATORY 3 year UPDATE rotation. Still have a few not updated, but the 'known' systems are complying.

g.      Bob has one conflict on UHF that he can fix and 2 applications (1 simplex) in NE Arkansas using SNP frequencies. Both NE Arkansas applications will be denied since the frequencies are in use in Memphis.

6.      We thanked Bob King for the ‘thankless job that he does as Frequency Coordinator’.

7.      Next year it was noted that we need to have handicap access to the meeting room.

8.      Election of Board  members (2 for 3 year terms).

Dennis Bedene, N5XMZ and James Carnathan, N5AD were elected.


With no other business, the meeting was adjourned.


Minutes of Arkansas Repeater Council for 9/20/08

The Arkansas Repeater Council (ARC) met during the Jacksonville Hamfest on September 20, 2008.

The ARC discussed the need to change the separation of repeaters from 120 miles to 100 miles to align with states bordering Arkansas. J.M. Rowe moved to change the distance to 100 miles to align with other states. Ron Lynch second and the motion passed.

The first of the every 3 year updates on coordination was discussed. Bob King stated that about 50% of the repeaters now have updated coordination. Bob plans to mail out a reminder in October. The ARRL Repeater Directory cut-off is in January 2009. The repeater updates are posted on the ARC web site. The members were asked to check for their updates. Bob reported that he has no more than 3 pending applications for coordination. A discussion was held about dropping repeaters from the directory if we don’t get an update from the owner. No action was taken.

It was discussed to select SERA band plan for digital no action was taken.

The toning of repeaters was discussed. It will be mandatory for any new coordination and will be self policing.

J.M. Rowe moved to re-elect existing officers by acclamation (Don McDaniel, WA5OOY - President, 
Glenn King, N5GK - Vice President, and Gerald Hogue, AE5GH - Secretary/Treasurer).
Charles Farmer second
- Motion passed

J.M. Rowe moved that David Doty and Ron Lynch be reelected to the board of directors. 
Charles Farmer second and the motion passed.

With no other business before the ARC the meeting was adjourned.


Minutes of Arkansas Repeater Council for 9/08/07

The Arkansas Repeater Council (ARC) met during the Mena Hamfest on September 8, 2007.

Bob King stated that there are 5 VHF frequency applications in process and 4 with no real hope of finding a frequency. Northeast Arkansas is out of apvailable UHF frequencies. Bob discussed changes to the web site. He also discussed the possible need to reduce the repeater spacings from 120 to 100 miles. No action was taken. Bob stated that a group in Russellville has applied for grant money to install digital repeaters on VHF, UHF, and 1.2G.

An election was held to fill the seats occupied by J. M. Rowe and Chuck Bishop. A motion was made by Glenn King and seconded by Dennis Bedene to elect these current board members for an additional term. The motion passed.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned.


Minutes of Arkansas Repeater Council for 9/16/06

The meeting was called to order at 2 p.m. by President Don Hale.  Ron Lynch moved to create a deadline of 12/01/06 for those who have not updated their repeater listing.  De-coordination would be held until 12/01/07.  The motion was seconded by J. M. Rowe and motion passed.


Joe Giddens moved to change the repeater listing updates to every three years beginning 12/01/07.  Motion was seconded by Chuck Bishop and was passed.  The President asked for the reading of the treasurer’s report and J. M. Rowe moved to accept the reading.  Don McDaniel seconded and the motion passed. 


Two board members were elected.  Terry Busby and Dennis Bedene were nominated to the board.  Chuck Bishop moved that the nominations cease and J. M. Rowe moved to accept them by acclamation.  Ron Lynch seconded and the motion passed. 


Don McDaniels was nominated for President.  Ron Lynch moved to accept the nomination by acclamation and the motion was seconded by J. M. Rowe.  Motion passed.  Dennis Bedene nominated Glenn King to be re-elected as Vice-President.   Chuck Bishop seconded.  J. M. Rowe moved to accept the nomination by acclamation.  Don Hale moved to re-elect Gerald Hogue as Secretary-Treasurer.  Ron Lynch seconded and J. M. Rowe moved to accept him by acclamation.  Both motions passed.


Ron Lynch moved to have the ARC forum at each hamfest and have an officer there if possible.  J. M. Rowe seconded and the motion passed.  Chuck Bishop moved to send $100 to the author of the database for the repeater coordinator program.  Terry Busby seconded and the motion passed.  


Don McDaniel moved to adjourn seconded by J. M  Rowe.  The motion passed and the meeting adjourned

3 p.m. .



Current Members:


Joe Giddens III

Jimmy Goad, W5BTM

DeGray ARC

Faulkner County ARC

Hot Springs County AREN

Alan Thompson, WB5LNG

Chuck Bishop, WB5GFA

Dennis Bedene, N5XMZ

Don Hale Jr., KB5SSW

Max Jones, N5THR

J. B. Davis, N5THS

Bill Lee, WA5LTA

Roger Fidler, KC5NPU


Cross County Repeater Club

Robert King, W5LVB



Gerald Hogue, AE5GH


Arkansas Repeater Council


September 17th, 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Don Hale Jr.  Members in attendance were:

Glenn King                N5GK

Dennis Bedene         N5XMZ

Ron Lynch                 K5POG

Charlie Roberts         KD5OCQ

David Doty                N5XF

J.M. Rowe                 N5XFW

Dale Temple              W5RXU

Joel Echols                N5QLC

Gerald Hogue            AE5GH


Visitors were:

Mark Graves             K5OO

Mike Nettles              KB5WBH

Jimmie Lowery           W5JNL

Terry Busby                W5ARS

Wayne Mahnker         WA5LUY


Ron Lynch and David Doty were elected to fill the open seats on the board of directors

And the other board members would serve until next year when the council meets in

Jacksonville.   The motion to adjourn was made by J.M. Rowe and second by Glenn King.

Motion passed.


September 11th, 2004

The meeting was called to order by President Don Hale Jr.  Members in attendance were:

Glenn King     Vice President        N5GK

Bob King         Coordinator           W5LVB

Chuck Bishop   Board Member     WB5GFA

 Buddy Busby   Board Member     WY5AR

Don Mc Daniel            Member     WA5OOY   

Dennis Bedene  Board Member     N5XMZ

J.M. Rowe         Board Member     N5XFW

Gerald Hogue     Secretary & Treasurer   AE5GH

Wayne Mahnker    Visitor              WA5LUY


Minutes of the 4-24-04 meeting were read.  A motion was made by Chuck Bishop and seconded by  Bob King to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed.  J. M. Rowe moved to untable a motion to change distance between repeaters from 100 to 120 miles.  Buddy Busby seconded.  It was decided that the Jan. board meeting would be held on Jan 8 at 12 noon. Chuck Bishop moved to close the board meeting and was seconded by J.M. Rowe the motion passed.


 The regular meeting was called to order by president Don Hale Jr. Due to the lack of an agenda, according to the by-laws no business could be done in the regular meeting. Buddy Busby made the motion to adjourn and J. M. Rowe seconded and the motion passed.

Visitors at the regular meeting were:  John Eddleman   KC5JBY      

                        John Samuels      W5ATW

                                Jason Wilson        KD5FEY

                                James Carrathan   N5AD


April 24th, 2004

Little Rock Hamfest  Discussion was held about the 145.41 repeater in Pocahontas, Arkansas and others that are not on the air.  President Mark Mullins ask for volunteers to check for repeaters that are not on the air.  Don Hale volunteered for the southwest section of the state.  William Nicholson volunteered for the northeast section, Sammy Baldwin said he could help call anywhere in the state,  It was asked if we could create a place on the website for stolen repeaters or ham equipment.  Glenn King said it would be no problem.  A motion was made by Buddy Busby to increase the distance between repeaters from 100 to 120 miles and was second by Joe Baldwin, after some discussion a motion was made by Don Hale and second by J. M. Rowe to table the first motion, and was Passed.  Election of a new president, the nomination and election of Don Hale as the new president and Buddy Busby and J. M. Rowe was elected to replace the members whose terms had expired.  Joe Baldwin made a motion to adjourn and Dennis Bedene second.  Meeting was adjourned.


April 17th, 2004

The Little Rock Hamfest is just a week away! There will be an ARC meeting at 11:00,
on Saturday the 24th, at the EXPO Center. If you have knowledge of ANY unused or abandoned
repeater frequencies in your area and you are going to attend the hamfest, please make note of them and present your information to an ARC officer or the coordinator at the hamfest.

There will also be forms available for any UPDATES you may want to file.


September 6th, 2003  

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Glenn King.  There was no old business.


A motion was made by Chuck Bishop to make our 2 votes for the two candidates for NFCC.  Motion was second by Glenn King.  The motion passed.


There being no other business a motion was made by Chuck Bishop to adjourn second by Don Hale.  The motion passed.


Gerald Hogue   AE5GH

Secretary - Treasurer


February 28th, 2003

The Winter Quarterly Meeting of the Arkansas Repeater Council Board of Directors,
will be held on Sunday, March 9th, 11:30 a.m.
It will be held at the QTH of Chuck Bishop - WB5GFA, 6012 Mablevale Pike, Little Rock.
Anyone wishing to speak before the board, must be included on the agenda and have their request to the board no later than March 6th. You can send requests to ARC President Mark Mullins - NN5NN at . Talk-in available on 146.670 (-) / Tone 114.8 Hz. 


February 17th, 2003

As stated on the opening page of the site, we have just about completed the updates on the database and will be publishing it soon. As your 'interim' coordinator, I have had a little of a 'love / hate' relationship with the job, so far. It has been fun learning more about the systems around the state and meeting or talking with the people involved with the upkeep of them. It has also been my pleasure to help in resolving some 'conflicts' and in answering questions and concerns others have had. I know I have not answered ALL your questions, or at least not to full satisfaction, but I don't know if anyone else in this position could answer them all. There are still some un-resolved issues and there are still some of you out there waiting on NEW coordinations. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU! Some of these requests, and their situations, take a little longer to resolve than others. I hope you can understand this and be as patient as possible. I will do all I can to fulfill all requests, but there is NO guarantee.

One of our biggest problems currently, is the increasing amount of interference on the 144-145 MHz sub-band repeaters. This is due to several different causes.. leaky CATV systems, high-power paging transmitters, etc. There are several 'alternative' fixes to this problem. You can diagnose the source of the interference yourself and contact the offending station's owner for a solution. If they are unwilling to work with you, you can contact the F.C.C. for guidance. OR, you can select to attempt to filter it out with additional equipment on your system. This is not always an easy thing to do, depending on the type of interference you are experiencing. OR, you can try and locate a different site for your system, that is less susceptible to the interfering signals. This can be difficult in some areas due to limited resources and/or cost for tower space. LASTLY, there is the choice of changing frequencies. It IS NOT the ARC's or the Coordinator's job to correct an interference problem! If a system has been on-the-air for a period of time and starts having an interference problem, it IS NOT the Coordinator's job to find you a 'new' frequency. We will make an attempt to see if there is an alternative frequency available, but there is NO GUARANTEE that one will be. As it stands right now, there are practically NO 2-Meter frequencies available anywhere in the state. UNLESS, we determine that one of the listed frequencies is in fact 'a paper repeater', then we can check and see if that frequency will coordinate in your area. There are NO 'over-night' fixes and possibly NO fixes at all, for some systems. And remember, there may be SEVERAL requests ahead of yours. So, don't get your hopes up if you hear of a frequency becoming available.

On the subject of 'paper repeaters', I have the following frequencies I did not receive updates on and need information about them and their status:

Any 10-Meter repeaters / 52.870 at Mountainburg / 52.950 at Searcy / 53.125 at Jonesboro / 53.470 at Rogers 145.230 at Trumann / 146.745 at Russellville / 146.865 at Solgohacha / 147.030 at El Dorado
                  147.225 at Russell / 147.285 at Jonesboro / 147.330 at El Dorado / 442.950 at Jonesboro
                        443.150 at Jonesboro / 443.375 at Lonoke / 444.375 at Sherwood / 444.525 at Harrisburg
  444.625 at Little Rock / 444.700 at Trumann / 444.825 at Cabot / 444.875 at Hope / 444.950 at Arkadelphia

Forward any information or comments on these or other possible 'paper' systems to me at .

I want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone that sent in an UPDATE and to those that assisted me in researching repeaters in various areas of the state. With a continued effort, we can get our house 'in order' and have a complete and updated database to refer to for future coordination efforts.

Robert (Bob) King - W5LVB













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